Interview Advice

Once your CV has been successful and landed you the big interview there are key preparation steps we recommend:

Before the interview:

  • Research the organisation, check the company website and search for them on the internet
  • If you’re changing career make sure you research the industry and job role
  • Prepare answers to common interview question (send us an email and we will send some help documents out to you)
  • Make sure you know the name of the person or people interviewing you
  • Check the format of the interview and the dress code
  • Research your interviewers – Google their names and check LinkedIn
  • Print a copy of your CV to take with you
  • Re-read your CV
  • Plan the journey and check for delays
  • Take a contact number with you in case there are any problems
  • Print out a map of your route
  • Leave a good half hour before you think you need to

At the interview:

  • Switch off your mobile phone
  • Ask questions about the role and company
  • Always try to provide examples when to back up your answers
  • Ask when you can expect to hear back

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